The Way out

‘as if man’s world were perfectly separate from nature’s, private and mad ....’

The exhibition in the Josef Sudek Studio, however, is not exactly spontaneous. Some of the exhibited photographs were made in Bohemia, in the region of the Bohemian Forest (Pošumaví), where Tomáš is rebuilding a house. That’s the part of the country in which he was born and grew up, and to which he keeps returning after travelling around the

world. Rather than ‘home’, he prefers to talk about his ‘native soil’, relating not only to home, but also to the whole region. He feels a strong bond towards it, even though sometimes he feels something is lacking there. Probably it is the wildness of the sea, the impenetrability of the ancient woodlands, the presence of shamans, the vast expanse of the planes, and the tempestuousness of hurricanes. But what he has experienced in other countries is somehow stored in it.

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